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More than a traditional real estate agent, Adam Morrow is also an attorney and a tireless advocate for his clients. Sound Counsel Realty is a full service real estate brokerage, providing all the services of a traditional real estate brokerage and beyond. 

Hilary Kelly is Adam’s partner at Sound Counsel Realty. Hilary is a top real estate professional with over 25 years of experience and without a doubt, the hardest working person you will ever meet. See client reviews in the link below. 

Combining their unique skill set, Adam and Hilary have successfully represented buyers and sellers in virtually every type of residential real estate transaction, including traditional buyer/ seller transactions, condominiums, short sales, foreclosures, bankruptcy court sales, cooperatives, and land sales. As experienced, skilled negotiators, meticulous researchers, and creative strategists, they often make it possible for their clients to purchase homes and land at significantly reduced prices, while also helping sellers meet their goals and expectations in the sale of their homes.

For Buyers, Sound Counsel Realty gives back 15% of its commission to every client. The money buyers receive from Sound Counsel Realty is significant and can be used in a variety of ways in the purchase of the home.

For Sellers, Sound Counsel Realty provides savings to their clients amounting to thousands of dollars by charging 2.5% instead of the industry standard 6% commission. In addition, if a buyer purchases your home without an agent, unlike every other real estate agent in the industry, Sound Counsel Realty does not receive a double commission. The substantial savings are passed on to you. On a $500,000 home, that would be $17,500 that stays in your pocket in addition to the $2,500 savings from the fee.

Sound Counsel Realty’s clients receive the tremendous added value of having a real estate attorney on their side in addition to the traditional real estate agent. Such services include drafting contractual language, reviewing title reports, Homeowner’s Association documents, researching legal issues, and providing sound legal counsel throughout the process, all of which an ordinary real estate agents are not permitted to do. It is the biggest, most important financial transaction most people ever have in their lives – you deserve nothing less than full representation.

At Sound Counsel Realty, Hilary and Adam are an outstanding team providing clients with real estate services no other real estate brokerage provides – every client gets both a real estate agent and a real estate attorney on their side to represent them with every aspect of their purchase or sale. We take the stress out of the process for you and give you a satisfying, peace of mind experience.

Providing outstanding customer service isn’t a sales pitch at Sound Counsel Realty, it is the highest priority and backed up by clients who have worked with us. At the end of each transaction, every client receives a survey from an independent 3rd party that is published regardless of the review. Please see all of our clients’ reviews by clicking on the link below.

At Sound Counsel Realty, we will change the way you buy or sell real estate. 

For more information about our original and innovative business model, please see our website at

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